About us

Welcome to our Comany!

BHAGAT GROUP is committed to total customer satisfaction, excellent Product Quality and Innovative R&D. It continues to make the things that make the textile world proud.

The company is strategically placed to exploit all the opportunities. Its technological alliances with world majors in all sections of productions provide it with tremendous competitive edge in the market place. It observes a strict vigil at each and every stage of production and assembling.

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These carefully planned initiatives have ensured that BHAGAT GROUP will be increasingly self-reliant and well positioned for its growth. It sees no contrast between a ‘Caring’ company and a ‘challenging’ environment.

Technological advances may be conceived in the mind but they need advanced facilities to become reality. The group activities are on-going. It knows that there is no state of final achievement.

BHAGAT GROUP is organized into five Business Sectors:

  • Textile Engineering
  • Yam Processing
  • Weaving
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Pharmaceuticals

and operates through two zones for project execution within India and abroad.

Why choose our Company?


When you focus on nothing but on your dream…nothing can stop it from becoming a sucessful reality.


With complete conviction and confidence in ourselces as well as well balanced synergy of man and machine.


We excel by practicing absloute penchant for quality. Quality makes us what we are.